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Manufacturing premium quality Power Transformer Repair/Service/Testing, Transformer Rewinding, Transformer Oil Filtration/Dehydration, and more services of ac/dc motors, alternators and transformer.

Who Are We?

The Vision of a Single Person began it all in 1985. Mr. J.C. Kamboj, Founder of K S Engineering Co., used to work at Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd. as a Service Engineer. Transformer, motor, and alternator services were scarce in those days, and most of them lacked the diligence needed. So Mr. Kamboj was a forerunner who saw a chance to specialize in the Transformers service sector.

He began his business in 1986 by leasing a warehouse in the Bhiwadi industrial area and accepting jobs involving various types of Power Transformer Repair/Service/Testing, Transformer Rewinding, Transformer Oil Filtration/Dehydration, OLTC Service/Repair, and more from nearby industries. As a result, we became familiar with a wide range of alternators, motors, and transformers, each unique. He made a name for himself in Bhiwadi and the NCR region by working tirelessly for years. In 1995, our company was finally registered.

30 years in the industry, we are a premier company with 340 clients throughout India, mainly the NCR region. Our customers are government agencies, proprietorship firms, investor-owned utilities, industrial users, and housing societies. Some of the largest utilities in the region have contracted with KS Engineering.

We recognize that the work nature varies from person to person, so we focus on each task individually to solve it and help you meet your specific requirements. We have over 180 employees working in various departments and 18 electrical fieldwork experts, and four supervisors.

Our Team

Managing Director- Jai Chand Kamboj 

Mr. JC Kamboj, the man who built and ran the K S Engineering Co. by himself. He has 30 years of experience in all types of motors and transformers engineering, repairing, servicing, marketing, selling, and manufacturing. We are fortunate to have him on board because he is equally adept at understanding transformers and people and has a keen eye for the environment.

Marketing Head- Deepak Kamboj

Mr. Deepak is a positive, dynamic, and gregarious individual who recognizes the current working environment and the associated workforce's behavior. He graduated from Rajasthan Technical University in Jaipur with a degree in electrical engineering. His charismatic personality aided the firm is rapidly expanding its client base in the NCR region.

Plant Operations- Abhinav Kamboj

The first thought of Mr. Abhinav, driven by a goal-oriented approach, is to never compromise on the quality of his work. He is in charge of the servicing and repair department of KSEs. We have achieved a high percentage of quality in various parameters under his expert supervision. He is always looking for ways to improve product quality. He earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from MDU, Gurgaon.


  • Bushings (HV/LV)
  • Oil Seal Gaskets
  • OLTC Spares

Each And Every Type of Spare Related to Transformer Are Available With us

We Repair

  • Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Dry Type Transformers
  • Furnace Transformers
  • Solar Inverter Transformers
  • Isolation Transformers
  • Servo Voltage Stabilizers
  • HT AVRs
  • Any Other Special Purpose Transformers.

Region Of Service

NCR, UP, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh.

Major Clients

  • Ahresty India Ltd Bawal
  • Amtek Auto Ltd Plot 1 Dharuhera
  • Arham Spinning Mill, Matila RAJ
  • Asahi India Ltd Bawal
  • Asian Color Coated Ispat Ltd Bawal
  • Bajaj Motors Ltd Binola Plant
  • Balkrishna Industries Ltd Chopanki
  • Balkrishna Industries Ltd, Bhiwadi
  • Bharti Airtel Ltd Gurgaon
  • Bhiwadi Cylinder Ltd Bhiwadi
  • Dewan Modern Breweries Ltd, Keswana RAJ
  • Gates India Ltd Chandigarh
  • Gems Cab Ltd Bhiwadi
  • Gillete India Ltd Bhiwadi
  • Gillete India Ltd, Baddi Plant, HP
  • Hero Moto Corp Dharuhera Plant
  • Hi tech Gears Ltd Bhiwadi
  • Ilaska Steels Ltd Jhajar
  • Kajaria Ceramics Ltd, Udaipur RAJ
  • Kirloskar electric co Delhi

  • Kirloskar electric co Jaipur
  • Larsen Turbo Ltd Site Bilaspur Dam
  • Lumax Industries Ltd Bawal
  • Microtech Forgings Ltd Bawal
  • Mushasi Auto Parts India Ltd, Bawal
  • Nahar Industrial Enterprises Ltd Unit
  • Ntn Nei Manufacturing India Pvt Ltd, Bawal
  • Paramount Communication Ltd Khuskhera Plant
  • Rathi Bars Ltd Khuskhera
  • Rathi Special Steels Ltd Khuskhera
  • Rathi Tmt Saria Ltd Khuskkhera
  • Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd Noida
  • Shri Rathi Dakshin Steel Ltd Khuskhera
  • Siegwerk India Ltd Khuskhera
  • Sona Fuji Kiko Ltd Bawal
  • Spm Auto Component India Ltd Manesar
  • Suzuki Motorcycle India Ltd Gurgaon Plant
  • Uttam Strips Ltd Bhiwadi
  • Varun Brewages Ltd Chopanki
  • Varun Brewages Ltd Nuh Plant

Electrical Power Transformer
Electrical Power Transformer
Transformer Oil Filtration
Transformer Oil Filtration
Transformer Service
Transformer Service
Transformer Repairing
Transformer Repairing
Transformer Rewinding
Transformer Rewinding
Transformer Overhauling
Transformer Overhauling
Motor Commutator Repairing
Motor Commutator Repairing
1000 HP Slipring Motor
1000 HP Slipring Motor
D C Motor
D C Motor
Motor Commutator Under Testing
Motor Commutator Under Testing
Motor Field Rewinding
Motor Field Rewinding
Slipring Motor Stator Rewinding
Slipring Motor Stator Rewinding
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Electrical Alternators Services
Alternater Rewinding
Alternater Rewinding